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2021-12-13 12:58:44 By : Mr. Alec Wang

Due to the challenges encountered in transporting materials to their final destination on roads damaged by floods, the BC Recycling Agency requires people across the province to insist on their partial recycling. 

The BC non-profit organization responsible for recycling residential waste said that as of this week, it has suspended the collection of non-storage glass bottles and jars, as well as Styrofoam packaging from its warehouse. It also suspended the collection of all glass bottles and jars from roadside and multi-family collection facilities.

Recycle BC has 36 recyclable material receiving facilities across the province, but only two key material recycling facilities—located in Richmond and New Westminster—are the destinations for most of the collected materials.

Material recycling facilities prepare recycled materials for end-use manufacturers.

According to DriveBC, several sections of the main road connecting the Lower Mainland and the rest of the province are still closed due to severe damage caused by floods and mudslides.

Reminder: Due to flooding and the resulting transportation challenges, as well as the closure of our glass recycling terminal market, the activities of collecting glass from homes and warehouses and collecting foam in warehouses are temporarily suspended. Find the latest updates at: <a href=""></a> <a href=" "></a>

“Road closures do harm the transport corridors we traditionally use to transport materials from the reception facility in your area to the Lower Mainland and then to the [glass] market,” Recycle BC spokesperson Dave Lefebvre told host Chris on Tuesday Walker CBC’s Daybreak South.

"In addition, these road closures do limit the number of trucks that can be used to transport materials."

The main glass terminal market to which Recycle BC ships recycled bottles and cans is located in Abbotsford. Since November 15th, the market has been in a state of emergency due to the flood.

"The place we transported the glass to... was severely affected by the flood," Lefebvre said.

He said that even though the flood has receded from the factory, its operators must still assess the flood damage of the property and determine how long it will take to resume operations.

Recycle BC stated that it will continue to collect paper, cardboard, containers and soft plastics, which are all materials that can be packaged and stored in reception facilities in a compact manner.

Lefebvre said he is not sure how long the suspension of glass and styrofoam collection will last, but hopes that the collection of other materials will not be suspended.

"We are evaluating the situation every day, and frankly, we are working around the clock, trying to come up with solutions," he said. "But we do not rule out the possibility that we may have to request the suspension of some other materials."

"We hope this will not be the case."

Documents from Daybreak South

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