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2022-10-15 07:27:40 By : Ms. Alice Li

We all know the consequences of a disorganized spice station: You're forced to rummage through every single bottle you own as you search for the cumin, garlic powder, turmeric, or dried thyme you need for the recipe you're working on. If that hit close to home, it's probably time to rethink and streamline your spice setup, especially if you have amassed an expansive collection.

Before you improve your spice storage system, however, make sure you're placing these ingredients in the best possible place. Jessica Litman, the CEO and owner of The Organized Mama, says to keep these dried goods in cool, dark areas to maintain their freshness.

Ensuring that spices are easily identifiable and accessible is also key. "You want to store your spices [near where] you are cooking, preferably close to the stove in a cabinet or drawer," says Malaika Lubega, a professional organizer, interior decorator, and the owner of Huza Home Concepts. If you're short on space, the pantry works, too, she adds, so long as spices are properly capped and contained; your wall is another option.

Now that you have identified the best spot for your spices, you'll need a storage system to keep everything tidy. To accommodate every location—including cabinets, walls, drawers, and the pantry—we're sharing expert-approved tools that will help you organize the spices in your kitchen with ease.

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One of the most common places to store your spices is in your kitchen cabinets. However, you don't have to reconstruct their layout to make more room for your collection. Instead, consider purchasing this spice rack, which is stackable, expandable, and can hold up to 64 containers.

If you have a pantry, this vertical rack can be attached to its doors, saving you precious shelf space. Its removable baskets allow you to take grouped ingredients to your cooking area, which is extra convenient.

You'll be able to place this stylish stacking spice jar stadium on your cabinet or pantry shelves. The rack has three tiers and was handcrafted from ash wood.

Joanna Wirick, a professional life and home organizer, recommends buying spices in bulk and decanting them into glass jars if you love to cook. You can buy the shelves' matching Ash Wood Spice Jars, too; the platform can hold 12 jars total.

This spice organizer can be attached to your cabinet door, so you can open, grab, and go. And since it comes in a set of two, you have double the storage potential: The shelves can hold up to 48 bottles.

This is one of Lubega's go-to spice organizers; it's inexpensive and easy to place in your drawers. To install it, just unroll the non-slip liner, measure it, and trim it to fit the dimensions.

When you want to keep your spices in a drawer near your stovetop or oven, Litman points to this organizer, which makes it "really easy to grab what you need while cooking."

This organizer's separate compartments will allow you to group and place your spices in designated areas. Plus, you can adjust the side sections to your desired width.

Thanks to this piece's three slanted tiers—Wirick always recommends tiered options for easy accessibility—you'll be able to spot the spices you want to cook with easily every time you open your drawer. This one is also expandable, so you can increase or decrease the width depending on how many spices you need to store.

There are four compartments in this natural grain drawer insert, which offers optimal spice storage. It was handcrafted from ash wood and is completely cadmium-, lead-, and BPA-free.

Do you like to keep your most-used spices where you can see them? If so, consider a countertop storage option. This turntable allows for easy access—and with a quick spin, the bottle you need is at your fingertips. This piece, made from clear Resipreme plastic, has a deep design, making it ideal for storage of particularly bulky spice containers.

Stowe your countertop spices away in this unique organizer, which has three drawers, an adjustable height, and a non-slip base. It also comes with over 100 removable drawer labels, so you can can streamline your collection even further.

Looking for a sleek, tiered option that you can place against your kitchen wall's backsplash? Consider adding this expandable spice rack to your counters. It is made of bamboo and has a sliding adjustable design, which allows it to fit into small, awkwardly-shaped places.

This rotating storage tool is 10 inches in diameter and has raised sides to keep everything inside from toppling over.

These open shelves' railings keep your spices secure along your wall. The three pieces hold up to 24 jars in total and have a sleek copper finish for added flair.

This wall-mounted rack is made of sustainable ash wood, which is FSC-certified and sourced from responsibly managed forests. Its integrated hardware makes it easy to install in your space. 

This three-tier spice rack can be hooked onto the side of your refrigerator or over a door—no drilling required. Its metal build is sturdy and sleek, and will match other appliances in your kitchen. Plus, it can hold up to 15 jars and has a series of hooks on the bottom, so you can hang other kitchen items from it, as well.