Valuable point: it’s time to throw away bad recycling habits

2021-11-10 03:40:28 By : Ms. SUYE ZHANG

We at Worthington attach great importance to recycling and sustainability.

Over the years, our community has focused on energy conservation and ways to create a cleaner and greener environment.

You would think that we are experts now. Unfortunately, many people unknowingly throw items that do not belong to their recycling trucks, which may actually contaminate the entire batch of materials or cause problems when handling other recyclable items.

This is why we are working with partners from the Central Ohio Solid Waste Administration to educate our residents on how to recycle household waste more effectively, so that it can really make a difference and keep recyclables away from landfills.

Franklin County produces a staggering amount of garbage. In fact, in 2020 alone, residents and businesses generated 2.5 million tons of garbage—enough to fill the Ohio Stadium four times. Even if more than half of the materials are recycled or composted, 1 million tons of waste still enter the Franklin County landfill every year. Recycling has never been more important.

There are many items, such as tote cups in restaurants or coffee shops, plastic and foam food containers, flip-top fruit or vegetable containers, plastic bags, and wire hangers. Many people think they can be put in roadside recycling vehicles but not. Inappropriate items can entangle and shut down equipment, cause serious delays, contaminate effective recyclables, and increase the time and cost of the recycling process.

Here are some basic facts that can help you recycle properly.

In Worthington and throughout Franklin County, five types of materials can be recycled:

• Plastic bottles, jugs and buckets, including all yogurt containers

All other items should be reused, donated, composted or disposed of safely.

When putting recyclables in the trash, it is also important to prepare them correctly. Cardboard boxes should be disassembled and flattened, and recyclables should be placed loosely in the trash bin. Do not put recyclables into bags.

Proper recycling is more helpful to the environment. The reduction in resources designated for landfills means that nearly 400 businesses in central Ohio that rely on recyclables for business have more resources.

The reuse and recycling of materials also creates opportunities for new product innovation and technology launches in our region, creating more green jobs and local investment.

Worthington and SWACO want to make recycling as easy as possible for you.

We are working together to get the information in your hands and useful recycling reminders. Pay attention to the information that will be sent via email.

First, you will receive a sticker from your home with a complete list of recyclable and non-recyclable items.

The information will also be included in Local Waste’s mail and will be included in the forthcoming Village Talks newsletter, which will be mailed to every household in Worthington.

Also pay attention to useful tips shared on our social media pages. All of these are great reminders that can help you recycle at home and at work.

There is also an opportunity to listen to the Worthington-SWACO Recycling Rights webinar, scheduled for 6:30 pm on December 8th. This webinar is 100% virtual and free to attend. It will cover all you need to know about recycling in Worthington and give you the opportunity to ask all recycling questions.

More detailed information on how to register will be released soon. You can find more information and keep updated on

Together we can recycle properly, make a difference, and help improve our environment and communities in the coming years.

Robert Chandler is a service engineering assistant for the City of Worthington.